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Case Study: Dairy Farmers Call on Mist Sprayer

Common flies may not seem to pose any serious risks, but they are a constant source of aggravation for dairy farmers.

In the heat of late summer, they are everywhere. When efficient sanitation, ear tags and fly paper aren’t enough, Ohio dairy farmers can call Bill Bryant and his mist sprayers.

Bill Bryant has been in the business of spraying dairy farms for eleven years. Five years ago Bryant started up his own custom spraying business, with a little help from his family. Bryant sprays for flies on Ohio dairy farms, and because of his excellent service and dependability, many farmers have him back year after year.

Flies abound on dairy farms. They are attracted to animals, milk and manure. They bite. According to Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) – one of the world’s largest producers of agriculture-based products, when cows are occupied with irritation from biting flies, milk production suffers.

Another reason flies can cause a substantial loss in milk production, ADM reports, is the increased nutrient demand from blood loss. When the blood-feeding fly population is large enough to cause the cow’s body to divert nutrients into replacing lost blood, milk production may suffer.

And flies can also transmit disease.

A mist sprayer, like Bryant uses, is an extremely efficient method of eliminating unwanted pests on dairy farms, cattle yards, vineyards, orchards, nurseries, and many other agricultural settings. A mist sprayer generates a high velocity air stream, turbulently mixing a fine chemical mist with air. Feed alley small This high velocity air stream exits the air-blast mist sprayer at velocities of 100-230 mph. Conventional sprayers use a chemical and water solution. Mist sprayers produce a chemical and air mixture, which is more cost-effective because the tank doesn’t need to be filled as frequently.

Right now, Bryant sprays mainly for flies, and for some rodent control. He sprays dairy farms, livestock buildings and residential buildings. The largest farm serviced by Bryant has 2500 cattle, and next year he will be servicing a farm with 4500.

Bryant has also been looking into the possibility of spraying for mosquitoes, which have been of some concern to area producers. Mosquitoes pose a health threat to animals and humans, and with the publicity surrounding the West Nile virus, many producers are looking for ways to diminish the mosquito population along with the flies.

On a typical farm, Bryant sprays every three weeks – on the same day of the week each time.

“The owners don’t have to worry about me being there,” Bryant said. His customers know he provides good service and know he’ll always be on time, every time.

“If I’m going to be late or held up, I always call,” he said. “It’s never a problem.”

Bryant has excellent customer retention. Almost every customer he has comes back year after year.

Because of his service record, Bryant does little to no advertising for his business.

“I pick up extras by word of mouth,” he said. He’s also recommended by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

For 38 years, Bryant has been married. He and his wife Cathy have four children. One son, Bill Jr., is a collegiate basketball referee and also is involved in the spraying business. One of their daughters also helps out with the business when she can. Bryant and his wife have one grandchild and are expecting another soon.

In addition to the spraying business, Bryant and his family also breed, show and sell horses and sheep.

An integral part of Bryant’s business is his Spray Innovations mist sprayer. He has used his most recent machine for two years. He has a total of five sprayers – allowing him to provide the best service to his customers by always having a machine ready to go.

Bryant is very happy with the service he has received from Spray Innvoations and especially his communication with Rick Rerucha.

“It’s been great for me,” Bryant said. “I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

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